The IPA at 70 – May-Britt Ronnebro

In the Beginning…

The IPA was founded on 1st January 1950 under the Esperanto motto “Servo per Amikeco” (Service through Friendship), and Arthur Troop became the first Secretary General of the British Section. In 1955, at the first International Executive Committee meeting in Paris, Arthur Troop became the first International Secretary General, a post he held until 1966. Since then, several persons have held the position and in 2019 I was elected for the term until 2023. This current term includes the year 2020, our 70th anniversary year, and many sections had placed a multitude of iconic events on their agendas.

Join the IPA and live happily ever after…

I was introduced to the IPA in 1981 and joined the same year. I could see the possibilities for my family in visiting IPA Houses and for myself in benefitting from an international network and gaining access to seminars at Gimborn. From that day, the IPA became a valued part of life and a hobby not only for me, but also for my family, and provided additional knowledge to my police force.
By attending numerous seminars at IBZ Gimborn from 1990 onwards, in topics that interested and provided me with updates on new trends in crime, I was able to bring home the latest information and innovations. Most importantly, however, I have been fortunate to make IPA friends in many countries around the world. The Turmbar is the meeting point for our after-seminar talks, and countless of those have led to invitations to visit many IPA events. The Cologne carnival, friendships weeks and jubilees are just some of my “addictions” which bring memories, smiles and happiness.

Hope and Future…

My IPA dedication has led me to join the regional, national and international board in the hope of improving the lives of IPA members’ crossing my path in life. The joy and happiness I am met with, is something I would like to give back to our members and in particular to the young generation. This is why I believe the Young Police Officers’ Seminars are the best area to develop new IPA board members. They are our future, and will lead us to the day we ourselves can sit at the back of the bus and just follow the crowd.

A stranger today is a friend of tomorrow in the IPA!

May-Britt Ronnebro, Secretary General

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